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Terms and Conditions


  1. All students have to attend classes in clean white apron with their nametag on the front side. Female students have to wear scarf on their head. All students have to carry their identity card when in the college.
  2. A student must have a class attendance of 75% to be eligible to appear at College and University Examinations.
  3. Absence from classes individually or in-group or on mass without prior information are punishable offence. Guardians will be informed of such acts.
  4. Student found absent from classes for a continuous period of one month without prior permission showing urgent affairs will loose college studentship and in such cases he/she will have to get readmission by paying re-admission fees.
  5. Postering on the walls of the college and the hospital premises are strictly prohibited. These are considered as an act of indiscipline and offenders are liable to be punished.
  6. All types of demonstrations, processions, shouting in the college and hospital premises are prohibited and students involved are liable to be expelled from the college.
  7. Students should have the prescribed books, dissecting instrument, and medical equipment etc. of their own. The college will not supply these essentials to the students.
  8. Any loss or any damage of the college/hospital properties is liable to be compensated from the students found responsible for the loss or damage.
  9. Students are encouraged to study at College Library . Our library is not a rental one.


  1. Students are  expected  to  maintain highest  degree  of  discipline and  moral  values  in  their  academic  and  private  lives.
  2. Smoking, addiction, gambling and other immoral  activities are strictly  prohibited.
  3. T error  and  violence,  use  of  abusive  language  or  creating  an unpleasant  situation  in  the  college  campus  are  prohibited.
  4. Those who are found  to  be involved  in  anti-social and immoral activities  or  violation  of  college  code  of  conducts  are  liable  to  be punished  by  expulsion  from  the  college.
  5.  No student  will be allowed to  participate or insist  others to  take part  in  the  activities  of  political  parties  in  the  college  campus.
  6. Student  welfare  committee  formed  by  the  Academic  council will  guide  and  control  the  extracurricular  activities  of  the students.
  7. College  authority  will  not  be  responsible  for  any  mishap  to individual  student  outside  the  college  campus.
  8. All male & female students must follow the dress code of the college.