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Message From Principal

It  is  a  great  pleasure  &  honor  for  me  to  welcome  the  students in Islami Bank Medical College, Rajshahi. It is one of the very successful praised private Medical Colleges in  Bangladesh having name & fame with  exceptional  medical  facilities  &  excellent  academic  atmosphere.
I  have proud to  say that  we have deployed highly qualified, well experienced & devoted  teachers  who  not  only  teach  the  medical  science  but  also  help  the students  to  build  up  high  morality so  that  they  will  be  qualified  doctors  to  serve  the suffering  of  humanity  particularly  the  poor  &  distressed  population.
Islami  Bank  Medical  College,  Rajshahi  has  been  established  with  the  aim  to produce  qualified,  skilled,  devoted  doctors  in  the  society  with  high  ethical percertual  standard.
It is my  request to the students to be regular , punctual, sincere, honest &   utmost attentive  in  their  classes  with  due  respect  to  the  teachers  &  to  maintain harmonious  relation  with all.  I  also  desire  the  monitoring co-operation  from  the parents.
May the  Almighty  Allah fulfill  the  noble aspirations of Islami  Bank Foundation, the
governing  body  of  Islami  Bank  Medical  College,  teachers,  students  &  other
persons  involved  in  this  Institution.

Prof. Dr. Md. Sanaul Haque Mia
Islami Bank Medical College, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.